* In the spring of 2014, a survey was sent out to about 60 recent sand tray clients.

* Over 40 people completed the survey and here are some of their responses to the question,                              "How did you feel after your Sand Tray experience?".

* Note the survey was distribued anonymously and thus so are the responses.

"I came in very anxious and left with a great sense of peace and contentment"

"This experience has given me the courage to carry out what I thought to be just a pipe dream. Weeks later I am still feeling content"

"It enabled me to let go of what I thought things 'should' look like and enjoy what they are now"

"I felt like I had done a lot of processing and clearing work in a very short space of time"


"I found the whole process insightful, empowering and inspiring" 

"It was magical, freeing, peaceful, helpful"

"I feel completely transformed. I wish I could make it so that everyone could share in this experience"

"I found the whole process insightful, empowering and inspiring"

"I felt I had a better understanding of past issues and how they afftect my life as it is today"

"It allowed my subconscious to express itself itself and I found this very revealing. I continue to contemplate what was revealed and its meaning to me"

"It allowed me to be more in touch with inner feelings and to express myself in a nonverbal format"

"I was pleased to have created a tableau of my present state in such an 'artistic' and 'easy' style"

"I felt                       deeply peaceful/elated/



"I felt relieved, awakened, introspective, open"

"The awareness of things that were keeping me stuck was refreshing and surprising at the same time. I found the experience to be very revealing in a very unique way"