What is Sand Tray Therapy?

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Everyone can benefit from the Sand Tray room.

This particular room is designed for adults and children over the age of twelve.


Sand Tray Therapy can be helpful for:


individuals, couples, and families

children and teens

therapists, artists, writers

groups, workshops, retreats

those in crisis

those exploring their past or future

What are the benefits of Sand Tray Therapy?

Who uses a Sand Tray Room?

A Sand Tray Therapist assumes that you are the expert of your life and provides an opportunity for you to connect with your wise self. In a relaxed and non-threatening setting, building a world in the sand helps the rational, logical mind "take a break" and lets the kinesthetic and intuitive mind "come out and play". In this experience your true and authentic self can emerge, bringing self-understanding and insight.

Sand Tray is particularly helpful for:


Life Transitions

Relationship issues

Resolving childhood trauma

Building spiritual connection

Finding direction and clarity

Making difficult decisions

Getting "unstuck"

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"Play is the beginning of knowledge"


Sand Tray Therapy is a form of Play Therapy. Imagine a large tray of sand and a room filed with 1000's of miniatures and figurines that represent all aspects of life: people of all ages and ethnicities, vehicles, buildings, shells, stones, crystals, world religious symbols, household items, animals, fantasy creatures, characters from television and movies, etc. Imagine the freedom to create your world in the sand.